Tom Raw


Tom's first ever band was 'Eclipse' in North Yorkshire where he was the first and probably last ever person who played a giant stylophone in a band. Tom or "Tomski" as he was know, bought his Fender Precision Bass back in 1979 and used it in a punk/new wave band named Johann Muggins. He was also the guitarist from The Dead Sea Men under the name of Drax Waterman who are featured in this strange video. He has been playing his trusty bass guitar ever since. He also played at the Stonehenge music festival of 1984, with the band Saigon. Hawkwind and Roy Harper were the headline acts. Years later, Tom played with a Jazz quartet Octave Inc (as per the picture above) who are now playing as a quintet.

Tommy also goes under the pseudonym 'Leopold Spidertoad' the name of a YouTube channel which is home to various videos where you will find his classic 'Pass The Cheese' and other experimental visuals.  

Tom met Brownie at a North Rocks rugby club meeting. He introduced Brownie to The Zebras who were after a new drummer for the band. In 2012 Brownie asked Tom to join A Band Named Trevor which transformed into Leny's Girl and the rest is history.